Converting .m2ts files for use in video editing applications with FFMPEG

I was recently tasked with editing together a bunch of video from a HD Camcorder. When I pulled the footage of the camera’s drive I found it was in .m2ts files which are incompatible with Adobe Premier my editor of choice without an expensive plugin.

So being the cheapskate I was I went looking for some free solution to my problem and one that presentably I could put on my linux server and allow it to plod away.

After some googling I found a solution at

After following his guide to install the software I found his FFMPEG command setup didn’t provide me with a workable file. As well as this I wanted to be able to run one command and have it convert the entire folder. With this being said I made some adjustments and put it in a script file and ended up with the following.

for file in *.m2ts; do `ffmpeg -i $file -vcodec mpeg2video -r 25 -b 18000k -deinterlace -s 720×576 $file.avi`;done

Which I save in a file called encode. I then copied this to any directory I wanted to convert files in and ran it, leaving me with a set of files I could easily use in the editor.

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  2. Thanks a ton for this, I appreciate the info

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    A partner sent this link the other day and I will be desperately anticipating your next page. Carry on on the really good work.

  4. Lavada Tall says:

    Discovered your web site via bing the other day and absolutely adore it. Carry on the truly amazing work.

  5. Tiger says:

    Alright alright alright that’s exactly what I neeedd!

  6. Ollie says:

    A few years ago I’d have to pay soemone for this information.

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